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Christopher Dahm Discusses Animal Scams

November 9, 2011

Christopher Dahm owns a successful financial services company. By day, he helps hundreds of people make smart decisions about their money. In his spare time, Christopher Dahm fights scams by researching trends and writing blog entries. One of these scams, Christopher Dahm says, involves pedigree pets. It’s growing in popularity, and Christopher Dahm wants to stop it in its tracks.

In these scams, Christopher Dahm says, the scammer posts an advertisement in an online newspaper, claiming to have pedigreed animals for low prices. Often, these ads have adorable pictures of healthy looking animals. When readers take the bait, the scammers produce more pictures and ask buyers to pay for the animals. Then, the scams take hold, Christopher Dahm says. Buyers are asked to pay taxes, fees and medical bills. The shipments are delayed, and buyer is asked to give even more money to speed things along. In these scams, Christopher Dahm says, no animal is ever produced. Instead, buyers pay thousands for animals they’ve fallen in love with, and the scammers simply disappear.

The key to avoiding pet scams, Christopher Dahm says, is to shop locally. You should never buy an animal you can’t actually see and hold with your own two hands, Christopher Dahm says. Scams depend on a buyer who is willing to trust and give money without asking questions. Additionally, Christopher Dahm says, scams rely on your sense of goodness. Many buyers want to help the dogs, and they’re willing to pay the price to provide help. If you truly want to help the animals and avoid scams, Christopher Dahm says you should look for a dog at your local shelter. You’ll save an animal and protect your money at the same time. Everyone wins in this scenario, except for the people who want to perform scams, Christopher Dahm says.


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