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Christopher Dahm Discusses Job Offer Scams

September 11, 2011

In this economy, many people are looking for jobs almost anywhere they can. Many people scour the Internet every day, searching multiple job boards for even one job they could apply for. Sometimes, according to Christopher Dahm, scams appear to prey on these people.


In fake job offer scams, Christopher Dahm says, people are asked to apply for a job. After they submit their information, they get an email back almost immediately telling them that they’ve landed the job and they just need to obtain a work permit, for a small fee. Once the victim pays the fee (usually by money order) these scams are complete, Christopher Dahm says, and the victim has lost money and still has no job.


In another variant of these scams, Christopher Dahm says, people are told they have the job but they need to verify their private information, including their Social Security Number and bank information. When the victim supplies this information, the scammer opens up new accounts in their name and begins to rack up charges. Identity theft scams, Christopher Dahm says, could cost people a lot of money.


While Christopher Dahm would never suggest that people stop looking for jobs, he does suggest that people keep their sense of suspicion alive during the process. Look up the company before you provide any information, and call the office if you have any questions. Never provide any financial information without verifying information first. Never pay a fee without making sure the company truly exists.


In his blog,

Christopher Dahm discusses scams like this. He points out how the scams work, and details how people can stay safe from common scams and protect their private information. Check out the blog for more valuable information about scams from Christopher Dahm.



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