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Why Christopher Dahm Fights Scams

September 10, 2011

Christopher Dahm has a successful business in Florida. As a financial consultant, Christopher Dahm helps clients large and small make good decisions and achieve financial freedom. Christopher Dahm believes he truly has a gift for working with money, and he does all he can to help his clients succeed. He comes up with innovative products. He creates out-of-the-box solutions. His clients love him. It would seem like this would be enough contentment for Christopher Dahm. Financial consultant work seems to suit him and he’s successful. And yet, Christopher Dahm wanted to do to more to help. Fighting scams is Christopher Dahm’s new passion.

Now more than ever, scammers are taking charge and taking over. Scams start with email messages, Christopher Dahm says, but some start with phone calls. Some scammers even come directly to people’s houses. While some people can spot scams right away, other people may not have the experience to spot fraud. They may hand away money to people for products or services that never arrive. They may promise winnings or funds and then never deliver. They may steal sensitive information and steal money or open accounts.

For Christopher Dahm, scams are the lowest form of crime. He works hard every day to help his clients save and build their wealth, and it’s hard for him to see some of those same clients lose everything to scammers. It’s hard to see the bad guys win.

That’s why Christopher Dahm’s scam crusade is in full swing. He’s started a blog,

in which he describes common scams and how they work. As a financial consultant, Christopher Dahm has extensive experience in working with money, and he’s seen many scams at work. The information Christopher Dahm provides can help people stay safe.


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