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Christopher Dahm Discusses Phishing Scams by Phone

September 7, 2011

According to Christopher Dahm, scams on the Internet are widely discussed and reported in the news media. Many people know they shouldn’t provide any sensitive information via email, and they’re trained to throw out any messages that claim they’ve won the lottery or have inheritance money in Nigeria. But as Christopher Dahm says, scams can also take place over the telephone.

In some scams, Christopher Dahm says, people get a call from someone claiming to be in the fraud prevention department of their bank. They’re asked to verify their credit card information or Social Security Number. Sometimes, they’re even told they’re victims of scams and they need to verify their information to help law enforcement. In these scams, Christopher Dahm says, the person on the other end of the phone just wants your personal information. The scam artist might steal from your accounts, sell your account numbers to crooks or open up new accounts in your name.

According to Christopher Dahm, scams like this could cause considerable damage. People could lose a lot of money, and it might be hard to trace the call and find out who has done the stealing. Some people never get their money back.

When you get a call like this, the best thing to do is ask questions, according to Christopher Dahm. Scams fall apart when people ask for more information, especially detailed information, as the caller often can’t answer the questions. Call your bank or credit card company yourself, if someone calls you. Being alert and suspicious may not be in your nature, and it might make you uncomfortable to be so assertive. But Christopher Dahm reminds people that private information is valuable and it should be protected in the same way you protect your wallet or your purse. By staying suspicious, per Christopher Dahm, scams can’t hurt you.


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